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A guide to the sites and information about college football available on the Internet. Includes links to historical information, news, and official NCAA information and records.

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Week 4 Preview

We've got some good games this weekend, including a contest between top-10 teams. So let's take a look.

Week 3 Recap

It was a good week with some good games and interesting results. Let's take a look.

Week 3 Preview

It's a Friday start for college football, and the picks are in!

Week 2 Recap

It was an interesting week with some darn good games. So let's take a look.

Week 2 Preview

Another race to the finish line. But there are good games this week, so it's worth talking about.

Week 1 Recap

As boring as last year was, this year got kicked off with a bang! How 'bout that for an opening weekend!

Week 1 Preview

Championship weekend. I'm still not a fan: too many opportunities for teams to drop games that can mess up their seasons.